December 31, 2018

Canadian Baseball Network: Elliott: 2018 Most influential Canadian of 2018 Larry Walker

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30. Corey Koskie,

In the old days a newspaper would not mention the other paper in the same market by name. Not that things were competitive then, but we once worked with a city editor insisted all his police reporters carry wooden match sticks whether they smoked of not. Purpose? To jam the match stick down the valves of tires of the other newspaper’s cars so writers could not make it back before deadline.

We’re more mature than that now. We want to tell you about another web site, which if you are a parent or a high school player you should check out: run by former Twin and Blue Jays Corey Koskie. He has travelled the road from Anola, Man., to Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa, to the National Baseball Institute in Surrey, BC, to being a 26th round pick, reporting to rookie ball in Elizabethton, playing three more seasons in the minors, nine in the majors, seeing his career end unfairly due to concussions, to raising four boys and coaching them in hockey and baseball. He is not a typical Little League father.

We here at our web site offer news on the Blue Jays, the Canadians in College or in the minors, on the draft lists or the sandlots. But do yourself a favor mom and dad … give Koskie’s site a read as he tells you about his journey, his bumps in the road. Many pieces are written by him or others in the know like Justin Morneau (New Westminster, BC). Take a day off from us and read Koskie’s site. Book mark it.



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